Class Info

Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club - NTC is a women's fitness class, developed by NIKE. The class was loved as soon as it began,and has turned into a worldwide fitness style. NTC is not only for your own enjoyment, but also the shared happiness of your classmates. You will enjoy NTC with sweat and passion, under the guidance of our professional coaches.

Ride ‘n’ Glide 

Ride ‘n’ Glide is a 60-minute efficiency driven workout integrating GRAVITY strength training and indoor cycling to create a perfectly integrated cardio-strength workout. Ride ‘n’ Glide is interval based and excellent for all fitness levels because the participant is in charge of the intensity the entire time.

What are the benefits? Why is it different?
Benefits to the participant include maximum calorie burn and the opportunity for measurable improvement in muscular strength and cardiovascular endurance. It is different because the time flies with fun and energetic interval training that keeps the momentum of the workout in high gear. Ride ‘n’ Glide embodies the best of these two worlds in one amazing and time-efficient session.


A fast paced 60 minutes demo workout suitable for all fitness levels. Designed to provide

a time-efficient, effective, full body workouts for beginners.

GRAVITY Comp func 

3-D functional movements fit for your daily life. Train for fun

GRAVITY Weight loss 

Endurance based programming designed to make you sweat and manage weight. Easy and fun.

GRAVITY Total body 

A series of High intensity muscular endurance exercises that are designed to provide time-efficient, effective, full body workouts.