2nd Anniversary Party

Let’s Move, Get together!
Invitation for Anniversary of LET’S MOVE Gravity Studio

It’s the great pleasure to invite you and the friends to join us to celebrate the 2nd Anniversary for LET’S MOVE!  You will find yourself to enjoy the excellent Gym courses throughout the day and share the happiness in a wonderful evening party with 40 of our club members who participated in a competition in 12 weeks to build up themselves into more beautiful bodies!  Let’s Move, Get together!
Date:Saturday, October 19 2013
Place:LET’S MOVE Gravity Studio

 Outdoor Courses
10:00-11:00 TAIJIZEN~ TaiJi Fit Class
14:00-15:00 Nike Training Club~NTC
Indoor Activities
10:00-18:00 Jewelry Show Or a Seminar for Jewelry Tasting
Anniversary Party
15:30-16:00 Arrival,  Reception drinks
16:00-17:30 Anniversary Party

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  1. Pre-appointment required for any daily courses and activities
  2. Course booking suggested by individual health condition
  3. Business card recommended for Luck Draw in the party
  4. Mineral water and sports towels prepared for outdoor courses and activities
  5. Appropriate clothing recommended for outdoor sports