Reformat Matwork Series®

Reformat Matwork Series®

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Join Elizabeth Leeds DPT as she recreates the Pilates matwork repertoire and demonstrates how participants of all skill levels can successfully achieve traditional and evolved mat exercises using the Total Gym glideboard as a moving, angular floor mat. Matwork on the moving glideboard enables participants to manipulate the angle of the floor (glideboard) to achieve proper form without modifications to the exercise, alleviating common compensations due to physical challenges.

Product Benefit

Enjoy improved strength, flexibility, coordination, stability and postural awareness in this refreshing 45-minute session.

Common compensations, due to physical challenges, are no longer necessary, so you or your client achieve success early keeping motivational levels high.
Home exercisers learn an evolved Pilates matwork repertoire that helps them achieve success quickly and stay motivated.

GRAVITYTrainers and Physical Therapists with Pilates certifications will find more training at where Garage Clips and Trainer Tips provide more video instruction on implementing GRAVITYPilates

Product Features



  • Safety Instructions
  • Matwork Stage I
  • Matwork Sequence Breakdowns

Additional Staged Workouts at

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