Reformat Evolved Series®

Reformat Evolved Series®

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A combination of Pilates mat and reformer exercises with unique Pilates evolved movement patterns only available on Total Gym. Bolster the official GRAVITYPilates :: Reformat Evolved Series® education course and become familiar with the three workout stages.Follow GRAVITYMasterTrainer and course developer, Elizabeth Leeds, DPT as she cues you through the workouts with ease and efficiency, keeping it fun and active.

Product Benefit

  • Review of
  • Three staged workouts
  • Can be performed with our without Pilates accessories
  • Exercise variations
  • Muscle sequences
  • Proper posture
  • Efficient body positioning and transitioning.
  • Exercise protocol for all ability levels.
  • Review overall Total Gym safety.

Home exercisers will experience an introductory workout with progressive stages that is a great precursor to all of the other fantastic GRAVITYPilates workout programs offered by Total Gym

GRAVITYTrainers and Physical Therapists with Pilates certifications will be able to review the Staged workouts taught in the Reformat Evolved Course and practice implementation with the ability to review a Master Trainer’s cueing and technique.


  • Telescoping Toe Bar
  • Dynamic Leg Pulley System

Product Features


  • Safety Instructions
  • Reformat Evolved Workouts
  • Stage I
  • Stage II
  • Stage III
  • Exercise Breakdowns

Warranty and Shipping

  • Warranty: 30 Day Warranty.
  • No returns on DCs or DVDs, only exchanges for defects.
  • Shipping: Max Shipping weight 2.00 lbs
  • Box size: 9.00" x 2.00" x 12.00