Reformat Corework Series®

Reformat Corework Series®

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International master trainer and educator Elizabeth Leeds, DPT presents the foundational techniques for converting the Pilates reformer repertoire to Total Gym. This innovative approach, with its progressive levels of challenge and natural assistance, eliminates the need for modification with clients who have limited flexibility and strength. The program easily introduces advanced exercises early in the training process, thereby creating an environment for participants to feel success quickly.

Product Benefit

A dynamic and fluid workout for all levels of fitness, the Reformat Corework Series uses traditional Pilates exercises to stage progression in three workouts. Seasoned Pilates veterans realize new results as muscle adaptation is more efficiently challenged.

Three Garage Clips and six Trainer Tips, videos that progress the Reformat Corework Series, are available for viewing free at
Home exercisers who have used the reformer will love this workout on Total Gym. Utilizing the traditional repertoire, Total Gym challenges the muscles differently and provides a efficient workout, particularly for those who have begun to plateau in their normal Pilates workouts.

GRAVITYTrainers with Pilates certifications will find a wonderful adjunct to their normal equipment programming and be able to ‘reformat’ clients’ to a new out of the box progressive Pilates style.

Physical Therapists can add more movement variations to their toolbox of training protocol for injury specific and sports specific therapy.


  • Dynamic Leg Pulley System
  • Telescoping Toe Bar
  • Standing Platform
  • Support Wedge Pillow

Product Features


  • Safety instructions
  • Reformat Corework workouts
  • -Stage I
  • -Stage II
  • -Stage III
  • Exercise breakdowns



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