3D Effects™

3D Effects™

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Elizabeth Leeds, DPT, introduces three progressive workout routines that improve vitality through the dynamic energy of 3D movement patterns. Participants experience improved “mostability”—the ability to remain stable in the core, while challenging distal mobility (of the extremities). Builds proprioception and neuromuscular endurance through movement progressions that strengthen in the linear motion and then integrate compound movements that develop total body performance incorporating multiple planes of motion.

Product Benefit

Home exercisers will experience the incredible feeling of gained mobility and strength and stability for achieving daily functional activities.

GRAVITY Instructors will bring a new level of fun and achievement to Pilates regulars and will add a level of intensity that will surprise Pilates skeptics.
Physical Therapists will be exposed to many new movement patterns that can be applied at the right time in treatment and that will keep patients


  • Telescoping Toe Bar
  • Leg Pulley System

Product Features


  • Safety Instructions
  • 3D Effects Workout - Stage 1
  • Exercise Sequences


  • Stage 2 Workout
  • Stage 3 Workout
  • Exercise Sequences


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